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Section8Concluding Remarks

Through the ages \(8\) has inspired minds to achieve great mathematical discoveries. We have seen many shrines devoted to \(8\text{,}\) across time and continents. \(8\) is present in our anatomy (thumbs aren't fingers!), and in our animal husbandry. It shines in the very small, such as in seashells, as well as the very large, such as the shape of the universe. It manifests itself in chocolate bars, nutritional calculus, and strolls along river banks. It reaches to the stars, and sends us to infinity and beyond. It is great \(8\text{.}\)

I invite you, dear reader, to share instances of \(8\text{,}\) whether great or small, with this author. Spread the word!


Mike Hitchman (hey! \(8\) letters!)